Bob Alonso

Born in Cuba and migrated to Miami where I was raised and met my beautiful wife, Teresa. We are the proud parents of two great children, Desiree, and Bryan. We have always kept Jesus in the center of our lives as a family.

When I met Carla, working with her, I immediately saw something amazing in her that told me she would be a Disciple. I felt that Jesus had plans for her far beyond her Police Officer appointment. Carla always showed care and compassion for people without limits. Always putting others first and being there for many during times of need. This is what Jesus does. Her calling as His Servant was clearly visible to me.

As Carla embarked in her journey starting with The Blue Line Angels Church, I felt the need to introduce my wife to her and weeagerly joined Carla and Rickie, nourishing our faith in Jesus while being a part of this amazing ministry. Working closely with Rickie in helping with cooking large meals other preparations as Carla organizes the wonderful events that have brought growth to The Blue Line Angels Church ministry.

As a follower of Jesus growing in my Christian faith, being a part of The Blue Line Angels Church is a blessing. I have matured in spreading the word to my brothers in Christ and join in many prayers of healing and salvation as a part of the Men’s Ministry lead by Rickie, The Blue Line Angels Church Men’s Bible Study Group.

This ministry is a great way to live in the word and getting to know about GOD and His Son Jesus through the Holy Bible.

We are The Way!
Acts 9:2

Spread The Gospel and Change Lives