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When we observe the creation of our Father on the second day of creation we know that ELOHIM separated water under from the water above it (Genesis 1:7-8) Therefore, water had to be gathered first in order to create the third day (Trees, plants, seeds) so dry land can appear.

Elohim had to restrained one thing (water) in order to release something else (dry land).

Hang in there! Keep reading!

The Spirit of Counsel (Isaiah 11: 1-3) does this too, it reproof or rebuke or encourage because it is view towards eternal life not simply punishment towards you. But edify you for His eternal purpose. Therefore even though you might been corrected or shaken, in a way, while passing through the fire it actually purifies you giving you more HOPE and BELIEVE than ever before! This is when YOU RISE UP and meet the RESURRECTION POWER OF OUR MESSIAH!

Thank you Father for giving us your divine strength as the Body of Christ and teaching us more of the meaning of RESURRECTION WHICH IS ETERNAL LIFE!

β€œEven though I walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me”(Psalm 23:4).....IT IS ONLY A SHADOW !

Ezekiel 17:23-24 β€œI HAVE SPOKEN...”

The second resurrection will come with a sound, the trumpets, ADONAI laid a foundation in His creation that will never be changed. He builds on it everyday until we see Him again. Believe it!


Carla Ginebra de Garcia